Work experience

Many students find it helpful to undertake a period of work experience either before or during their undergraduate studies.

Students looking for work experience placements should seek advice from their school/university careers adviser. If your careers adviser is unable to help, you should contact the Personnel/HR departments of companies direct. Chemical engineers are employed across a huge variety of industries so you should research companies carefully before contacting them. The easiest method is to use company websites.

Contact details for many of the major employers of chemical engineers are listed by sector in the Employers section of this website.

Applying for work experience

When contacting a company regarding work experience it is useful to include the following information:

    • your age
    • the subjects you're studying and exam results (where relevant)
    • specific dates for the work experience (if needed)
    • your motivation/interest in chemical engineering
    • why you are approaching their company


If writing to the company, letters should be typed (not hand-written) and it is essential to make a good impression by ensuring that they are free of spelling and grammatical errors. It is always useful to include a copy of your CV - if you don't have one, write one!

Please note: because chemical and biochemical engineers often work in companies where a production process is carried out, health and safety restrictions can limit work experience opportunities for students under 18 years old in some cases.

The Year in Industry

Year in Industry is a work-experience programme for pre-university/undergraduate students. It provides:

    • support in applying for multiple placement opportunities
    • real, paid, challenging year-long work experience
    • responsibility for major projects
    • relevant job training
    • optional business awareness and management training


In return, Year in Industry students gain excellent experience that stands them in good stead for securing a job when they graduate. At the end of the placement, they are also invited to enter a major awards event to celebrate their success.

Typically, Year in Industry arranges chemical and process engineering placements with companies such as Procter & Gamble, E.ON and Shell Global Solutions.

For further information please visit their website at


Industrial Cadets


If you’re 11-19 years old, becoming an Industrial Cadet is a chance to get a unique insight into industry. You’ll build on the skills and knowledge that you already have and learn new ones that will help you to succeed in your future study and career choices.

As an Industrial Cadet you’ll join other students from schools in your area to take part in a wide range of fun and challenging industry-based activities with a local employer. You’ll develop valuable skills and knowledge that will help you to stand out no matter what path you take when it comes to applying for university, an apprenticeship or a career.

For more info visit