Since our inception in 2000, our people have fuelled our reputation for creative thinking, high-quality engineering and clear delivery. As the company has grown from 4 to over 50 employees we have worked hard to attract and retain exceptional talent in the industry, developing them from graduates and proficient industry experts, to mentors.

We invest in our people

We've a strong and focused career development programme which provides our people with the skills required to meet the high quality delivery standards for the demanding and interesting projects they work on. As a forward-thinking company, we also nurture the personal ambitions and aspirations of our employees; supporting them through activities which benefit not only their performance on today's projects, but also their long-term future and potential in the oil and gas industry tomorrow.

Our career development programme has fostered a business model that produces first class, high quality, creative engineering solutions for our clients. We've achieved this sustainably, and with the long-term future of our employees and the industry in mind. In recognition, we've been awarded Bronze Partner Status from the Institute of Chemical Engineers, and have been short-listed in two categories in the 2014 Oil & Gas UK Awards: Mentor of the Year, and Investment in People.

We embrace diversity

Despite our growth, we've managed to retain our unique company culture. With eleven nationalities in our Aberdeen office alone, our people boast a range of experience from varied backgrounds. We're very proud of our staff retention rate of 96%, and an exceptionally high staff-to-contractor ratio.

Our people feel challenged, engaged and motivated but most importantly they are happy. If Ingen sounds like the place for you, get in touch.