Tomorrow's Engineers Energy Quest

Can you support local schools via the Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest?

By giving as little as half day of your time to work with a class of 11-14 year old students in a local school you could help inspire the next generation of engineers, and demonstrate your commitment to your professional development.

With a focus on energy, the Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest programme will help teachers deliver key elements of the science and maths curriculum in a fun and engaging way. The Energy Quest has two central components:

    • a half-day workshop in-school to immerse students in the energy topic. Students will learn, in a practical way, the implications of the global energy challenge, the pros and cons of different energy technologies and information about engineering careers.
    • a series of classroom-based modules that link the curriculum to the real world. Students will take part in discussion, experiments and investigation linked to the topic of carbon capture and storage.

Along the way we need students to have the opportunity to engage with working engineers like you.

Over the next three years, the ambition is for this programme to reach 73,500 students in over 650 schools.

The Tomorrow’s Engineers programme is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers. The programme aims to give every 11-14 year old in the UK a hands-on engineering experience with an employer, backed up with information on the incredible range of opportunities a career in engineering can provide so that an equal number of girls and boys aspire to become engineers. By inspiring more young people we can help address the UK’s annual shortfall of 55,000 engineers, which threatens the UK economy and our strong history of innovation.

Shell has invested over £1million to help Tomorrow’s Engineers inspire more young people about engineering. With Shell’s investment Tomorrow’s Engineers has launched a new school programme – the Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest.

As a Professional Engineering Institution, IChemE is proud to endorse Tomorrow’s Engineers and to bring you this opportunity.

Want to find out more about how you could get involved?

Then get in touch with Sarah Purdell at The Smallpeice Trust via, the lead for the five delivery partners for the Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest.