Volunteer resources

Our resources are aimed at secondary school students aged 14-18. If you're working with younger students please click here.

Handout literature, posters and pens

Request hard-copy literature, posters and pens for your school visit by completing this order form.

Alternatively you can print copies of our leaflets for students and teachers. Make sure to print double-sided and in colour for best results.

Printable materials:


The whynotchemeng YouTube channel contains a couple of videos that might come in useful - either to play during a careers event, or to embed into a presentation:

Presentations and activities:

Other useful information:


*Your Life brings together business, educators, civil society and government, to show how science and maths leads to exciting, successful careers. It aims to make the most of all our talents and grow the number of women in science, technology and engineering.

Feel free to use the YouTube video or posters listed above when attending careers events. (We recommend printing on A3 paper and ensuring the 'fit to printable area' checkbox is ticked as the full size of these posters is 47 x 33 inches).